Greenwich Renovation Consultation: Friends of Eaglesfield Pak

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The Friends of Eaglesfield Park (FOEP) group was formed in 2006 and works to protect and improve the park.

You can find out more about FOEP, previous projects and upcoming meetings and events at

We are currently working on a project to renovate the playground and want your valuable feedback on the plans so far.

Having looked at repair options, we think a fairly major resurfacing with new equipment, is the most cost-effective option. Most of the existing equipment now needs more than a coat of paint, as well as being outdated, and we wanted to find something that suited the atmosphere of the park.

Having talked to several suppliers one came back with a design we would like your feedback on.

friends of eaglesfield park

Please click on the link below to get access to our survey and make your views known about what you would like to see included in the park.

Eaglesfield Playground Renovation Survey

If you would like to get more involved do let us know by going to the contact page or clicking here.


Eaglesfield Pond Duck House Story

On 23rd April 2020, during the middle of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic a local resident asked a question on the Nextdoor mobile phone app. Nextdoor is a private social network that enables neighbours hear about what is happening in their local community.

Below are screenshots of the conversation that started on 23rd April 2020 asking if a duck house could be put in the middle of Eaglesfield Pond. Unfortunately, some of the screenshots are not that clear but I hope you’re still able to decipher what was written.

Keep reading and find out what happened ….



eagkesfield park duck house



A number of other local residents had responded to the question and shared their views. The Chair of Friends of Eaglesfield park, also a member of Nextdoor saw the above message and replied on the same day.




The resident who posted the original post responds to Bridget and expresses his concern about bread being fed to the ducks.

Another resident gives another push for the duck house because of her concern that crow’s pose a risk to the ducklings.

eaglesfield park duck house

A day later and the conversation continues. It can be difficult to know what to do in these situations – do we listen to the experts or go with our heart?


On April 27th April 2020 just 4 days after the original question was raised a duck house was built and installed into the Eaglesfield Park Pond.




Thanks to all who got involved in the conversation on Nextdoor to make this happen, you contributed by sharing your voice.

I visit the pond regularly and I’ve been enjoying watching the ducklings mature. I shall be posting pictures over the next weeks. If you have any pictures you’d love to be posted to this blog do let us know by going to the contact page here.