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Describing the location of Eaglesfield Park is not easy.  Unless you live in the local vicinity, you may not have even heard of it.  Some people may know it as ‘the little park tucked away behind the Water Tower, just off Shooters Hill’.  Well I suppose it is !



But it’s a little gem ! 

Eaglesfield Park is an “open” park and is fully accessible to the public 24 hrs a day.
There are two distinct areas, which are divided by Eaglesfield Road.

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The lower part is managed as a Wildlife Meadow and is a great place to study insects, butterflies, wildflowers and observe birds and foxes.



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VLUU L200  / Samsung L200The upper slopes provide the more traditional recreational grassland with children’s playground, picnic benches, park benches, space for ball games, or simply a chance to relax and admire the view.


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However, since the creation of the wildlife pond and surrounding meadow, perhaps we can now describe Eaglesfield Park as ‘having 3 distinct areas’.  The pond has certainly become a focus for local visitors (human and wildlife).  Do you remember what it used to look like – an overgrown eyesore being used for dumping rubbish?   Few people knew a pond had ever existed.

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Eaglesfield Park is well worth a visit.  The environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy awarded Eaglesfield Park the Green Flag which recognises and rewards the best parks and open spaces across the country.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Eaglesfield Park –  walking your dog, relaxing, enjoying the views, wildlife spotting, supporting community events, pond dipping.

So where are we ?   Hope the map is helpful.  There is plenty to do at “Top of the Hill”.

Click on the map and navigate !  Then click on the “grey box with lines” in the top left-hand side of map.    This will display drop down menu.  Please note that the blue lines indicate two walking routes (A – B = Toilets/Cafe at Oxleas Wood, and A – C = Woodlands Farm)


And now, take a look round Eaglesfield Park 

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