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On Sunday 20th July we joined in the The Eaglesfield Park Neighbourhood Watch Scheme Community Fete.  It was a great day for all the family with plenty of support and activities from within the local community.   The two  police horses were wonderful and definitely seemed to be everyone’s favourite.

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200The Friends of Eaglesfield Park (FOEP) joined in the spirit of the day by providing pond dipping activities – and it’s not just children that like to have a go ! We had a steady flow of “pond dippers”, some children coming back for a “second go”.


The pond was teeming with creatures,  including:-

1  –  Water Snail                       2  – Beetle                             3  –  Water Boatman

Unknown-2           2  images-1     3  images-2    

 4   images-2             5  images-2          6  images-1

4 – Pond Skater                        5 – Water Leech                       6 –  Tadpoles

There were many other creatures that we were not able to identify.   However everyone managed to find something of interest.   We also saw very large blue/green dragonflies flying round and settling on a log in the water. (Incidentally, earlier this year the meadow was full of blue damselflies.)

The day also provided the opportunity for FOEP to explain how the Wildlife Pond and Meadow were progressing and the future plans for improving still further the wildlife habitat and community involvement.  More about this later – we will be in touch !   I thoroughly enjoyed chatting to everyone visiting the pond area and was pleased to make new friends, as well as “catching up on news” with familiar faces!   Thank you for all your support.

Here are a few photos and hopefully a video:

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The next photo, however, features the kind of habitat we are determined to eliminate!

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Plastic bottles, tin cans, clothing, glass     bottles, various plastic wrappers are regularly thrown into the pond and meadow.   Apart from the unsightly mess,  this rubbish can be dangerous to  the wildlife.

It is the vandalism by a small minority which spoils the enjoyment of the peaceful and beautiful atmosphere of the pond and meadow for the majority of visitors.   Litter bins are provided on both sides of the pond – Please use the bins.   Meanwhile someone will have to remove the litter – not easy when it is caught up in the lilies in the middle of the pond !

Keep in touch – we would love to hear your comments.

P.S.    DON’T FORGET –     SUNDAY    11am – 1 pm    27th JULY    TIDYING UP  AND POND DIPPING

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