Pond Dipping at Eaglesfield Park

The Second Pond Dipping Session

of the year

Eaglesfied Park

A quick update.  The weather was good for the pond and meadow “Tidying up and Dipping” session at Eaglesfield Park on the 19th May.  We even had the company of our two resident mallard ducks.  

Ducks at Eaglesfield Park

Ducks on Eaglesfield Park

The meadow had really grown and our first thought was “where do we start?”.  But we soon got going and decided to tackle stinging nettles and goose grass and general litter.  We did make a difference but there is still a lot we would like to do.  We were pleased to see some pond dippers.  They managed to find pond skaters, newts and other creatures not identified.  Dragonflies and butterflies were about (orange tip, common blue and cabbage white).  So it would seem that Nature approves of our pond !

Pond Dipping at Eaglesfield Park on 15th June 2013 

We will be holding a Pond Dipping Session in Eaglesfield Park at the Neighbourhood Watch Community Fete on 15th June, between 1 pm – 4 pm.   So do please come and see us.   We will supply the equipment.

To find out more about the Neighbourhood Watch event at Eaglesfield Park on 15th June just click here.

We will have a photo display which will show the pond and meadow through the stages of restoration, grand opening and various events.  The pond life is beginning to establish and photos show what we have found already and those yet to be discovered.  It will also provide details of the meadow preparation and the flowers and plants we hope to attract (and those we don’t want).   The butterflies and insects are important and they are also detailed in the display.  We haven’t forgotten the birds.  As we gather information, we will add to our on-going “Life at Eaglesfield Park Pond“.

We would like to hear your comments and suggestions about the pond/meadow and pond dipping or any other aspect of the park.

Contact  –   http://friendsofeaglesfieldpark.wordpress.com.    Don’t forget you can also contact via email – foepse18@hotmail.com.

I would like to share some of my photos of our Tidying Up and Pond Dipping at Eaglesfield Park on 19th May.

Photo Gallery below of pictures taken at

Eaglesfield Park on 19th May.

Eaglesfield Park

Eaglesfield Park

Eaglesfield park

Eaglesfield park

Eaglesfield park

Eaglesfield park

Content and photos for this post was provided by Madeleine a Friends of Eaglesfield Park member.

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